The Needs Network and Chef Noah are committed to serving the needy within each community of operations. Most items and services are free to the qualified. While donations are welcome, they are not a prerequisite for our services.

Homeless Relief

  • Many of the following services are integrated into our homeless focus
  • Homeless needs take priority in our service

Food Services

  • Weekly bread bistribution
  • KFC distribution
  • Pizza Hut Pizza distribution
  • Deli soups & salad distribution
  • Non-perishable food distribution

House Furnishings

  • Furniture
  • Kitchen Appliances
  • Bedding
  • Construction Materials

Computer Renovation & Placement

  • CPU Recycling
  • Home and school placement (Children and Elderly)

Clothing Outfitters

  • Infant blankets and clothing
  • Coats
  • Business dress apparel
  • General use clothing

E-Mail Alert System

  • Weekly communications to all associates

Provident Living Seminars

Employment Services

  • Resume counseling
  • Interview Preparation
  • Application planning and posting

Christmas Family Adoption

  • Gift collection
  • Delivery activities
  • Santa visitations

Automobile Placement

  • Auto Collection, repair and distribution

Small Business Mentoring

  • Start-up assistance

Redundant Services Database Management (RSD)

  • The maintenance of a comprehensive services database (all known agencies are listed)
  • Referral service to specific agencies
  • On line for the use of any agencies


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